Kimchi fried eggs and pork rind crusted shrimp cooked in air fryer

Kimchi fried eggs and pork rind crusted shrimp cooked in air fryer

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  2. ketobandeeto dedi ki:

    Ugh I love kimchi and eggs. Well now I know what I’m having for dinner tomorrow!

  3. deathbypotat0 dedi ki:

    I don’t really measure out my recipes, because I often make my meals on the fly, but I’ll list everything I used and how I cooked it.

    Scallions (optional)
    Pork rinds
    Uncooked shrimp
    Almond flour
    Salt and pepper
    Lime juice

    Kimchi fried eggs:
    Heat up skillet to med high. Add olive oil then add chopped kimchi. Sauté then add beaten eggs. Top with scallions.

    Pork rind crusted shrimp:
    Grind pork rinds into a crumb mixture. Add salt and pepper (or any other seasoning you’d like. I added garlic powder and chili powder). Dredge shrimp with almond flour. Dip into beaten eggs, then into pork rind crumbs. Put in air fryer at 375° for ten mins or until desired “crispyness”.

    Sriracha Mayo:
    Mix sriracha and mayo. Add a little bit of lime juice

  4. upwithtreesXD dedi ki:

    What does kimchi taste like? Looks delicious!!!

  5. Coustain dedi ki:

    I did fried eggplant the other day in those pork rind bread crumbs, mind blown!

    I plan on using them in a meatloaf very soon!

  6. my_lez_account dedi ki:

    I’m really salt flavour sensitive and find pork rinds overbearing – does using them as a crumb crust help with that at all?

  7. ketotanguay dedi ki:

    You might have convinced me to get an air fryer!

  8. LimitedHangout69 dedi ki:

    Nice! Been getting into Korean cuisine recently and got some MotherInLaws kimchi which is more sour than I was used to.

    Did you make your own or store buy the kimchi?

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