Lazy breakfast when I don’t feel like cooking

Lazy breakfast when I don’t feel like cooking

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  2. Mbarq dedi ki:

    Breakfast when I’m not feeling like making/eating breakfast. Two Good vanilla yogurt, raw almonds and Lily’s dark chocolate chips. Done.

  3. Lexyeb dedi ki:

    How many net carbs is the yogurt alone? Never seen this brand.

  4. GoofyGorilla69 dedi ki:

    Honestly it’s two good two be true

  5. NerdyMedic dedi ki:

    Glad I saw this. Went shopping today and it popped into my mind. And hey, what do you know? My store had a handful of them.

  6. Khristafer dedi ki:

    I have this for dessert with a sprinkle of dried blackberries instead of chocolate chips. This yogurt is so fantastic!

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