Little Debbie, you’ve been outclassed.

Little Debbie, you’ve been outclassed.

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  2. schizodancer89 dedi ki:

    Not going to lie from the first picture I thought it was rolled up meat and mayonnaise

  3. KetoJill24 dedi ki:

    They look tasty…. I’ll try these.

  4. QSector dedi ki:

    Use some black cocoa powder and that would look like the real thing for sure. Would love to bake one then make a chocolate ganchache with some Lily’s and cover it. Nice job!

  5. vegetable-face dedi ki:

    Does anyone know what I could use instead of psyllium husk powder?

  6. moose_tassels dedi ki:

    This looks dreamy!

  7. StardustJojo13 dedi ki:

    This looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to try this.

  8. helathlifebox dedi ki:

    it’s looking very delicious I ‘ll try it at home my kid’s they ll like it .Thank you

  9. spectre1006 dedi ki:

    I don’t know why but i thought you were gonna do something else with the first pic… But now that I know what sun im on it looks delicious

  10. ShiftedLobster dedi ki:

    This looks amazing!!!

  11. lucenonlucid dedi ki:

    I made this today using dark chocolate cocoa, and it’s amazing!

  12. i2likesquirrels dedi ki:

    Please tell me that’s kiwi & not pickles inside.

  13. ketostriz dedi ki:

    This looks good but I’m way too lazy to make these

  14. laskoriff dedi ki:

    Ooh honey Mary Berry would be appalled at that spiral…

    EDIT: Geeze Louise people I was hoping there would be more Great British Baking show fans here but I guess not. Obviously OP’s Swiss roll is impressive. Any keto baking is impressive because of all the alternative ingredients required. Should have seen my first few Swiss Rolls. They looked like butt even though I was using “real” ingredients that would make rolling the cake easier. I thought about posting a “/s” after my comment but figured it was obvious enough. The internet is sensitive, I will take note of that.

    Your Swiss roll is fantastic op. Sorry I hurt your feelings ☹️

  15. ginafoundos dedi ki:

    I don’t have the granulated form of Swerve, just the confectioners sugar type. Do you think it would work well in both the cake and frosting sections? Would love to make this for Easter for all the gluten sensitive guests!!

  16. rage1212 dedi ki:

    I thought i was on r/dontputyourdickinthat for a second. Gonna try to make it though

  17. muffinTrees dedi ki:


  18. JoshBuhGawsh dedi ki:

    Her: “Did you pull out?”

    You: [….yeah](

  19. erinocalypse dedi ki:


  20. dickdog696969 dedi ki:

    really changes if you think of the filling as butter

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