Meal prep: Chocolate smoothie with kale and collagen

Meal prep: Chocolate smoothie with kale and collagen

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  2. AreElleGee dedi ki:

    I do this most days for breakfast or a quick snack.

    To a ziplock sandwich bag add the following:

    1-2 tablespoons unsweet cocoa powder
    1 scoop collagen
    1 tablespoons Truvia
    Optional: flax meal, chia seeds, hemp hearts, etc.. make it your own!
    Stuff the bag the rest of the way with kale or spinach or both.

    I pop these in the freezer at work and blend one up with unsweetened almond milk. Personally, I can’t taste the greens! A bit carby but super filling (fiber) and lots of potassium. I sometimes add a bit of liquid stevia if needed.

    About 150 calories and around 6 net carbs according myfitnesspal.

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