Middle Eastern Inspired Keto Breakfast. Shakshouka and sujuk made lovingly by my husband!

Middle Eastern Inspired Keto Breakfast. Shakshouka and sujuk made lovingly by my husband!

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  2. JenW3 dedi ki:

    Red pepper, green pepper, garlic, onion, red wine vinegar, chopped tomatoes, black pepper, small amount of chilli paste, cumin, tarragon and dried coriander. Along with the sujuk (Turkish sausage) and eggs.

    Fry sujuk in olive oil and garlic in a pan.

    Put sujuk to one side fry all of the veg in the same pan. Once they are caramelised add the tomato, vegetables and sausage into the big oven tray. Make space between the vegetables and sausage and crack eggs into the space. Bake in the oven until the eggs are how you like them.

    Enjoy with labneh or Greek yoghurt if you can’t get labneh!

    It’s delicious and the meat becomes so tender.


  3. amaven85 dedi ki:

    Thanks for sharing. Someone else had posted their own recipe for this a while ago and when I wanted to try it I could not find it. I’m not a big egg eater, but I want to try this.

  4. FridaysLastDance dedi ki:

    Love this! My fiancé and I celebrate “Shakshuka Day” -one of our silly made up holidays- on the last Sunday in June every year. So glad it’s a Keto friendly food so we don’t have to change our tradition lol. Just have to skip mimosas. I’ll have to see if we can find Sujuk where we are, we usually just use regular sausage, but that sounds amazing!

  5. msison1229 dedi ki:

    Recipe for this please?

  6. doctordiversity dedi ki:

    Wow. Hubbie is a keeper!

  7. koopawasframed dedi ki:

    I want a husband for stuff like this.

  8. yeahnoworriesmate dedi ki:

    Aka ‘Menemen’

  9. lockeVSkvothe dedi ki:

    Sign me up. Looks amazing.

  10. PharaohCleocatra dedi ki:

    My uncle who is from Israel introduced this to me. We spice it with ground cumin, turmeric, chilli powder, paprika, pepper and garlic. It is so forgiving! I am also vegetarian so instead of sausage we use mushrooms 🙂

  11. mannychan408 dedi ki:

    That looks so good!

  12. vandaljax dedi ki:

    I make almost the exact same thing for my gf. Only difference is i substitute sujuk for chorizo.

  13. oklahomeboy dedi ki:

    Does anyone know how this reheats? I was thinking of trying it out for meal prep.

  14. fraederichs dedi ki:

    I’m cooking currently. This sure smells and tastes like chili. Is this middle eastern chili?

  15. Altonmitchell3 dedi ki:

    This looks absolutely amazing I would love to try this. Is this traditionally made with rice or something?

  16. coffeebeforebed_ dedi ki:

    Growing up, my mom used to make this and would use sliced hot dogs for the meat in shakshouka. Tastes yummy

  17. PlanetJerry dedi ki:

    Shakshouka the mic rula, the old schoola. You want a trip? I bring it to ya.

  18. SpotIsInDaBLDG dedi ki:

    Is this like eggs in purgatory?

  19. fiftyfootwall dedi ki:

    Also known as eggs in spaghetti sauce.

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