Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Dirt Cake (290 cal, 3.2g net carbs, 26.9g fat, 6g protein per 82.5g/serving [1/4 of the cake])

Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Dirt Cake (290 cal, 3.2g net carbs, 26.9g fat, 6g protein per 82.5g/serving [1/4 of the cake])

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  2. Pilot_124 dedi ki:

    Is that organic dirt?

  3. MrAWDTerror dedi ki:

    Recipe modified from:

    Also included metric measurements since I weigh everything and macros are based on those weights.



    – 1/4 cup almond flour (30g)
    – 1 tbsp Dutch process cocoa powder (6g)
    – 1 tbsp powdered erythritol (9g)
    – 1 tbsp butter melted (14g)

    Peanut butter layer:

    – 2 oz. cream cheese softened (56g)
    – 2 tbsp smooth peanut butter (32g)
    – 1.5 tbsp powdered erythritol (13.5g)
    – 3 tbsp heavy whipping cream (45ml)
    – 1/4 tsp vanilla extract (1.25ml)

    Chocolate Pudding:

    – 3 tbsp unsweetened almond milk (45g)
    – 3 tbsp heavy whipping cream (45ml)
    – 2 tbsp granulated erythritol (24g)
    – 1 egg yoke
    – 1/8 tsp xantham gum
    – 1 tbsp Lily’s Milk Chocolate Chocolate Chips (14g)
    – 1/2 tbsp butter (7g)



    In a small bowl, whisk together the almond flour, cocoa powder, and sweetener. Stir in the melted butter until it begins to clump together. Remove about 1 1/2 tablespoons (11g) of this mixture and reserve for the topping.
    Press the remaining crust mixture into the bottom of a 4 inch springform pan. I used the bottom of a pint glass to press into the pan, makes it a lot easier. Set aside.

    Peanut Butter Layer:

    In a medium bowl, beat together the cream cheese, peanut butter, and sweetener until well combined. Beat in the whipping cream and vanilla extract until smooth. Spread over the crust as smoothly as you can (it’s tricky in the tiny cake pans!). It should be thin enough to tap the pan down to get it settled.

    Chocolate Pudding:

    (Note: next time I’m going to split this amount between 2 cakes as will fill up the rest of the springform pan. Splitting it in half will also reduce the calories by quite a bit as well) In a small saucepan (I used a double boiler) over medium low, combine the almond milk, cream, sweetener, and egg yolk, whisking continuously until it begins to thicken. Remove from heat and whisk in the xanthan gum (don’t over do this, and don’t pack it into the 1/8 tsp). Add the cocoa powder, Lily’s chocolate, and butter. Let sit a few minutes to melt and then whisk until smooth. Pour over the peanut butter layer.

    Chill the cake at least two hours, until chocolate pudding is set. Sprinkle the top with the reserved crust mixture. Run a knife around the outside of the cake to loosen from the sides and then release the springform sides if you only refrigerate. If you want a cleaner release and defined lines, freeze overnight then release the springform. You won’t need to run a knife around if you freeze.

  4. TheSyrianSystem dedi ki:

    Powdered eryth is sooo expensive at my grocery store 🙁

  5. lyone2 dedi ki:

    I want to make this, but I’m missing the Xanthan Gum. Sub? Would arrowroot powder work, even though it’s slightly higher carb?

  6. BasqueOne dedi ki:

    Looks delish and fun! Thanks.

  7. These-Anxiety dedi ki:

    I’m noticing that keto is such high calorie. So if you need to eat “keto like” but have to watch calories you kinda can’t eat much.

  8. TotallyLuminarious dedi ki:

    This looks fantastic. Definitely may try this soon!

  9. MrAWDTerror dedi ki:

    Sweet I’ve never had a silver before. Let alone a medal! Thanks!

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