My absolute favorite, Jalapeno Poppers stuffed with hamburger, cream cheese, and wrapped in bacon. The picture is before they were put in the oven.

My absolute favorite, Jalapeno Poppers stuffed with hamburger, cream cheese, and wrapped in bacon. The picture is before they were put in the oven.

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  2. tiannat91 dedi ki:


    8 medium jalapenos

    6 oz ground beef

    8 slices bacon

    2 oz Cream Cheese

    Salt + Pepper


    Place ground beef in a pan on medium heat and allow it to fully cook. Season with salt and pepper and set aside to cool.

    Cut jalapenos in half lengthwise and remove the seeds.

    Spread cream cheese inside each jalapeno half. Don’t overfill with cream cheese or it will be hard to fit the ground beef in!

    Add the ground beef on top of the cream cheese.

    Cut each slice of bacon in half length-wise. Wrap the bacon around the jalapeno, being sure to trap all of the fillings in. We use 1/2 slice of bacon per popper.

    Place poppers on a baking rack and bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. If you do not have a baking rack a simple baking sheet will work. Enjoy!

  3. curlyketoma dedi ki:

    One if my favorite air fryer items! Yummy.

  4. frannyfranfran5 dedi ki:

    Try it with chorizo next time! Cook it in the pan and then mix all the cream cheese in the pan with it! So yum!

  5. Youreddit007 dedi ki:

    Put these on your smoker… they are called Atomic buffalo turds.

  6. AceOfSpadez- dedi ki:

    Looks delicious!

    I made a similar thing last night! Mine is just cream cheese, marble cheese, and bacon diced into bits mixed in.

  7. oopsiedazey dedi ki:

    Not a fan of jalapenos. I bet this would work with mushrooms…

  8. Xtakovich dedi ki:

    Anytime I make these, the bacon never gets crispy and rather stays rather rubbery and chewy. Any idea on how to crisp it up?

  9. Hoglaw1776 dedi ki:

    Really good with duck too.

  10. prettytheft dedi ki:

    It looks amazing, you got an “after” pic?

  11. PM_ME_YOUR_INTEGERS dedi ki:

    These are my all time favorite too. I sprinkle a little [Swerve Brown Sugar]( on them before the oven and they come out tasting like candy.

  12. Terri_flaps dedi ki:

    Aww yeah! This looks good AF!

  13. beefycheesyglory dedi ki:

    My dad likes to call them “Atomic Buffalo Turds”

  14. delishnoodles dedi ki:

    I recently started watching the good place and a character mentions these from time to time. Surprised to see it on my feed, now I know what it is!
    I assumed it was, like, popcorn chicken but instead of chicken, it’s just a deep fried jalapeno.

  15. xenspidey dedi ki:

    I do the same thing but with thinly cut slices of venison. Definitely a crowd pleaser!

  16. Wookiepuke dedi ki:

    I put steak on my jalapeño poppers. Grill them. It’s so good and filling!

  17. BADgrrl dedi ki:

    I make several versions of these with bbq’d meat… pulled pork with a mix of cream cheese and cheddar cheese is my favorite, but I love them with brisket, grilled onions and cream cheese, too. I’ve been experimenting with adapting my favorite Carolina style mustard bbq sauce to keto so I can make keto friendly pulled pork for us to make these.

  18. duaneap dedi ki:

    I should hope it was before you put them in the oven.

  19. nowordsleft dedi ki:

    I make these but without the addition of hamburger. Might have to try that.

  20. tatertot94 dedi ki:

    Omg! I need to make these! They look amazing

  21. wayofthewoods dedi ki:

    I will be recreating this with venison instead of beef. Got 7 deer in the freezer that need to be eaten!

  22. CarolinasBornRaised dedi ki:

    Did you cook (brown) the hamburger meat at all before stuffing the peppers? I’ve made these a few times but always with a cocktail sausage link. I was thinking about giving hamburger or ground sausage a try.

  23. Matzahhballs dedi ki:

    I have zero interest in pre-oven photos… show us the good stuff

  24. octaviahgaming dedi ki:

    This looks SO AMAZING. I can’t wait to get to my target weight and show people a picture of these when they ask me what my secret it! 😀 Thank you for sharing!

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