My favorite Keto Cheesecake

My favorite Keto Cheesecake

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  1. popojo24 dedi ki:

    Wow! That looks great. I’ve only attempted one keto dessert, and that was a chocolate cake. It turned out pretty tasty, but either I used too much Erythritol-containing products, or maybe my stomach is just naturally sensitive to it. I have chronic constipation and one, tiny piece was enough to get everything moving at hyper speed; it worked better than any laxative I’ve ever had, haha!

    Edit: sorry about the TMI…

  2. nanaycha dedi ki:


    1 1/3 cup Pecans
    1 tbsp Cacao Powder
    2 tbsp Swerve Confectioner Sweetener , or preferred sweetener
    1 tsp Vanilla Extract
    3 tbsp cold butter
    Cheesecake Layer
    16 oz Cream Cheese
    1 cup Swerve Confectioner Sweetener, or preferred sweetener
    2/3 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
    2 tsp Vanilla Extract
    Caramel Layer
    5 tbsp Butter; divided
    1/2 cup Swerve Confectioner Sweetener , or choice of sweetener
    2 tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream
    1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
    1 1/2 cup Chopped Pecans



    Preheat Oven to 350.
    Place all crust ingredients in food processor and pulse until soft dough forms. Press dough into greased 7 inch springform pan. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Set aside, let cool.

    cheesecake layer

    In large mixing bowl, place softened cream cheese and beat for 3 minutes until completely smooth. Add swerve, or preferred sweetener and beat additional 3 minutes.
    Add heavy whipping cream and vanilla. Whip for 5-7 minutes or until mixture is completely smooth.
    Pour mixture onto cooled (or mostly cooled) crust and spread evenly. Place in freezer while you prepare final layer.

    caramel pecan layer

    In skillet or saucepan over medium-low heat add 4 tbsp butter. Once butter is almost completely melted add swerve, or choice of sweetener. Stir frequently with rubber spatula and watch closely as it turns golden brown.
    Once it is light or golden brown, add heavy cream and pecans. Continue gentle stirring frequently until dark golden brown. Turn off heat and add final tablespoon of butter. Let mixture cool for 10 minutes.
    Mixture should still very hot but cooled from the near boiling point. Remove cheesecake from freezer and pour caramel pecan mixture over top, using rubber spatula to even layer. Try to make sure all pecan pieces are flat and level with caramel for best results. You may need to press them down gently or gently move pan back and forth to level.
    Place in fridge overnight to completely cool. If mixture is not completely cool when cut into, the top layer will not stay together.
    Place in freezer for 2-3 hours before you’re going to eat it. Freezing it will firm up the cheesecake layer and allow you to slice through the top layer without it cracking.


    You may use the sweetener of your choice. I prefer confectioners Swerve and have not tried this with other sweeteners so I’m not sure what amounts should be substituted.
    You may use unsweetened cocoa powder in place of cacao, you may need to add additional sweetener,to taste.
    Make sure top pecan layer is completely cooled before cutting or it may fall apart.
    The cheesecake layer is a no-bake cheesecake. The only thing cooked in the oven in this recipe is the crust.
    Please note that I am not a certified nutritionist. Any nutritional information that is discussed or disclosed in this post should only be seen as my best amateur estimates based on NET carbs. If nutrition is important to you, I highly encourage you to verify any data you see here with your favorite nutrition calculator.


    Serving Size:1/12 Cheesecake

    Calories: 450 Calories

    Fat: 46g

    Carbohydrates:6g Total, 3g Net

    Fiber: 3g

    Protein: 6g

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  3. caffeine_plz dedi ki:

    That pecan layer sounds divine! I’m definitely going to try this!

  4. melissalovescats dedi ki:

    Just made tonight. Mine wasn’t as pretty as yours but YUM!!! Thank you!

  5. fakefinn1 dedi ki:

    I made these today and used toasted coconut as topping with caramel bits. It was amazing!!! My family agrees that this is the best cheesecake recipe we have tried.

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