My super simple Feta salad.

My super simple Feta salad.

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  2. myownreddit dedi ki:

    you need a few onions on that

  3. shut_your_bitch_hole dedi ki:

    I make a similar salad, but I swap out the tomatoes for cucumbers. The combo of cucumbers with red onions and feta is so good!

  4. no_dice_grandma dedi ki:

    I think this could really benefit from some fresh basil.

  5. istoleyourshoe dedi ki:

    Why don’t I ever think of doing this?? When making these kinds of salads, I like to soak the onions in a little mix equal parts vinegar water and no calorie sweetener to take the edge off a bit. The pickled flavor works well with the tomatoes and cheese, too.

  6. johnbbean dedi ki:

    One of my favorite summer snacks! A good olive oil, salt and pepper. Heavenly!

  7. scraggledog dedi ki:

    Not going on a date tonight I see

  8. yungboy_tysk dedi ki:

    Try that with some cucumbers, salt, pepper, olive oil and basil. Tastes like Greece in a salad

  9. keto_emma dedi ki:

    So this little salad have been my life saver this week on three fronts. 1) it’s super quick 2) it’s super cheap 3) it’s fresh, crunchy and tasty in a healthy feeling way. I’ve been feeling bogged down in meats and fats.


    Slice 4 medium plum tomatoes (good quality) and put on plate.

    Dust a small pinch of salt across the tomatoes.
    Chop up 100g of quality Feta and sprinkle over the tomatoes.

    Finely slice around 1/5th of a large red onion and sprinkle on top (a little goes a long way)

    Finally, top with a drizzle of Italian olive oil if that’s your bag.

    It may look boring and simple, but it’s a taste of Mediterranean goodness. Since there are so few ingredient I think buying the good stuff is what makes this pop. Anyway all 3 ingredient go great together. You can also swap the Feta for fresh Mozarella if you prefer.

  10. IClaudiaI dedi ki:

    But the olives D:

  11. HermesLurkin dedi ki:

    Looks amazing thanks for the inspiration! I love how Keto makes me crave and appreciate vegetables more. Also thought I was on r/onionlovers for a sec.

  12. DiabloSeasonings dedi ki:

    Looks good man

  13. gr8carn4u dedi ki:

    That looks really good!

  14. Nabih dedi ki:

    Oh man! I miss this so much.
    Try it with white or yellow onions!!
    I used to eat that a lot growing up, would use pita bread to scoop it up in small bites.
    If you do find/make some low carb pets bread/tortillas, dice the onions and tomatoes and be generous with the olive oil. Delicious!

  15. AdolfsStache dedi ki:

    Want some salad with those onions?

  16. chef-boy-par-ty dedi ki:

    Well done. Your meal looks scrumptious.

  17. franhp1234 dedi ki:

    i dont think this is remotely keto, even if you only track net carbs

  18. adamt1022 dedi ki:

    Quick suggestion: start with the onions, salt them heavily and then mash them by hand.

  19. Illuvatar_CS dedi ki:

    Man I wish I liked tomatoes.

  20. thelastbaron dedi ki:

    I guess I’m not used to something without any greens being called a salad, because that is not what I was expecting to see.

  21. marinelifelover dedi ki:

    I can smell your breath.

  22. lieutenant_lowercase dedi ki:


  23. ListenToFrankWhite dedi ki:

    This looks fucking awful.

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