Nut & chocolate keto granola

Nut & chocolate keto granola

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  2. skinisblackmetallic dedi ki:

    Every recipe on here and now has like 50 g of carbs.

  3. Carrbbii dedi ki:

    What nut mix did you use?

  4. stackered dedi ki:

    Petition for mods to actually enforce rule #2 please

  5. KohenJ dedi ki:

    Is that high in protein?

  6. Picsonly25 dedi ki:

    That looks amazing!! I will make this this weekend!

  7. twiggy1985 dedi ki:

    Why hasn’t this been deleted. My stuff gets deleted all the time for not following the rules… lol there is no recipe. No ingredients list.

  8. ShmebulockForMayor dedi ki:

    I’ve been looking for a good granola recipe, the egg white might be what I need to actually make this one clump a bit better! I might give this a go. Thanks!

  9. kdee1958 dedi ki:

    I don’t see the recipe anywhere.

  10. YuriTreychenko dedi ki:

    This pleases the nut.

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