Pan Seared Pork Chops and Chopped Zucchini

Pan Seared Pork Chops and Chopped Zucchini

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  2. toowelldone dedi ki:

    Pastrami Spice Rub:

    Salt, Black Pepper, Smoked Paprika, Garlic Powder, Mustard Powder, and Ground Coriander. Generously coat 2 pork chops (8 oz each) and leave uncovered on a wire rack in the fridge for 24 hours.

    Heat olive oil in a cast iron until shimmering then sear pork chops, flipping occasionally, until medium rare (or whatever doneness you like it). Allow the pork chops to rest a few minutes while quickly frying some cubed and salted zucchini (about 300 g) in the same pan/oil to flavor and soften.

  3. rand0h dedi ki:

    Well, this going to be lunch today. Gracias.

  4. BeeHey8050 dedi ki:

    Can you come cook for me?

  5. ForeignTongue dedi ki:

    How did you cook zucchini?

  6. Simmo1990 dedi ki:

    But normal olive oil is good for cooking still high heat but not for too long for example

  7. Oyster_Stu dedi ki:

    My mouth immediately started watering

  8. discomrobulated dedi ki:

    Me: adds coriander to grocery list

    This looks and sounds delicious, thanks! I really appreciate finding ideas on Reddit for how to prepare basic foods in a relatively simple and healthy manner.

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