PB fit coffee Protein Bomb

PB fit coffee Protein Bomb

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    Super easy and tasty way to hit your protein macro


    Use 24g of PB fit or similar peanut powder and mix with almond milk and espresso in a suitably sized Tupperware container until its at a soupy consistency a little runnier than normal peanut-butter, as some moisture will be lost when freezing. Then freeze and let thaw a little before eating. You can also just use almond milk, coffee, half and half ect. or add dark chocolate chunks, or stir some in melted with butter.


    Using sugar free PB Fit (uses monk fruit, which is great), unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a bit of espresso the macros are:

    **96 cal**

    **3 g Net Carbs**

    **3.5 g Fat**

    **12 g Protein**

    It also has around 400mg of Potassium when made with almond milk.

    Not sure how but the result is surprisingly creamy, similar consistency to a fudgesicle.

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