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  2. Merkk539 dedi ki:

    Who doesn’t love poppers?!

    Slice a jalapeño and clean out the guts. Save the seeds to put on roasted chicken or something.

    Cut up some queso fresco and jam into each half.

    Throw in the oven at 400 till the cheese is getting crusty on top.

    Ended up with 30 halves and used about 9 oz of cheese. Comes out to less than 30 calories and 2 carbs for 3 halves.

    Vaya con queso, Carne Diem, and Bone Apple Tea

  3. MagnumHippo dedi ki:

    Holy shit 2 carbs for 3? Count me in

  4. bblickle dedi ki:

    Did these with Crab Dip for football last weekend.

  5. SwedginWu dedi ki:

    Pork Rind flour after egg dredge, bake and destroy!

  6. rjhall90 dedi ki:

    Make a Parmesan and egg mix, batter up, and deep fry for more delicious goodness!

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