Quest chip nachos served on my finest China

Quest chip nachos served on my finest China

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  2. lokey_puma dedi ki:

    [Terrific……..yesterday was Ignacio Anaya’s B day.](

  3. diegoldenenjude dedi ki:


    Ranch flavored Quest chips (would be better with nacho cheese or chili lime)

    Cheddar cheese, shredded

    Cooked ground beef

    Chunky garden salsa

    Sour cream

    (Forgot the black olives)

    Total carbs per serving- appx 6

  4. Granny_knows_best dedi ki:

    I love the print on your China! Is that one of the original Dixie prints?

  5. phthalo-azure dedi ki:

    Glad to see another connoisseur of fine tableware in the wild!

  6. Icon_Crash dedi ki:

    I recently made nachos on pork rinds. It was a revelation.

  7. typehazard dedi ki:

    “Finest China”

  8. janiesketojourney16 dedi ki:

    Any day that you can have a chip and stay in ketosis is worthy of the fine china!

  9. dixinormous1986 dedi ki:

    Where do you get the chips from? Btw I’m down under.(Australia)

  10. pow521 dedi ki:

    Damn, why didn’t I ever think to use these for nachos?!

  11. scraggledog dedi ki:

    Well probably made in China

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  13. esbongo dedi ki:

    Wait.. I can eat nachos?

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