[Question]: When substituting regular flour with keto flours like almond or coconut flour, is it a one to one substitution?

I was looking at this recipe for a Navajo flatbread:

It requires 2 cups of flour. Should I replace this with 2 cups of almond/coco flour? Less? More?


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  2. erythritalian_ dedi ki:

    Short answer: no.

    Nor can you make this recipe with such a simple substitution.

    Normal flour has gluten, which is responsible for the stretchy, chewy, dough-y texture of most breads etc. Almond flour is literally almonds.

    Be mindful, coconut flour, in particular, is *hugely* absorbent and will suck the water out of your recipe like a thirsty sponge, so that’s not even close to a 1:1 conversion even with almond flour. Personally, I think it taste like vomit so I only use it in tiny, tiny amounts and usually for the structure it provides.

    I’d find a keto-specific flatbread recipe, there are many out there. 2 cups of almond flour in this will be wet sand.

  3. GrandpaDalek dedi ki:

    That is pretty darn close to a naan recipe. Have a look for keto naan recipes

  4. uhohfreakshow dedi ki:

    Headbanger’s Kitchen on Youtube had a great recipe for keto naan, maybe check it out and see if you can adapt the Navajo flatbread?

  5. rharmelink dedi ki:

    [Keto Flours 101 | Low-Carb Baking Science](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx94rFSIIxI)


    Most keto flours would be about a 1-for-1 substitute. But **NOT** coconut flour, as coconut flour is very absorbent:

    The general rule of thumb is that you only need 1/3rd to 1/4th as much coconut flour as other flours (e.g. almond), and for each cup of coconut flour you substitute, you may need to add up to 6 eggs **and** up to a cup of liquid.

    But, as others have noted, there are lots of keto naan recipes out there. I liked the Headbanger’s kitchen one:


    Chaffles also work nicely as a bread or bun substitute!

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