Raspberry Fat Bars

Raspberry Fat Bars

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  2. poisoned_strumpet dedi ki:

    100g coconut oil
    150ml extra thick double cream
    80g raspberries (I used frozen)
    1tsp stevia

    Put everything a blender and whizz until smooth.

    Pour/spread into moulds and freeze. I used chocolate bar moulds.

    Macros (per bar – recipe made 3 with a bit of mix left over):
    Net carbs: 2.4g
    Fat: 48.7g
    Protein: 0.8g

  3. iMuso dedi ki:

    They kind of look like that ‘new’ ruby chocolate going around which is neat 🙂

  4. karla0yeah dedi ki:

    Does it taste like white chocolate raspberry?
    I make dark chocolate fat bombs, would kill for a white chocolate alternative!

  5. wendalls dedi ki:

    I like this idea, simple recipe. I might make chocolate ones with cocoa powder.

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