REAL DEAL keto pancakes (recipe in comments)

REAL DEAL keto pancakes (recipe in comments)

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  2. Cinnamon79 dedi ki:

    Huge props to u/Mr_Truttle for this recipe, the original post found [HERE](

    To the basic batter I added 1 tbsp erythritol/monkfruit blend plus some vanilla, to make pancakes. These are SERIOUSLY as good as, maybe better than, any AP flour pancakes I’ve ever made.

    I topped with grated pecans, Walden Farms syrup and of course lots of butter.



    * 2 oz almond flour
    * 2 oz vital wheat gluten
    * 4 tsp oat fiber
    * 1 Tbsp baking powder


    * 4 eggs
    * 2 oz heavy cream
    * 2 oz unsweetened nut milk (or other “thin” liquid[1])

    From there you can diverge to either a savory or sweet batter.

    ETA macros.

    The original post has a big chart of macros, but for this, per pancake (1/8th recipe):

    2.5g net carb | 133 cal |10.2g protein | 9g fat

    Not including toppings.

  3. ladyinwaiting33 dedi ki:

    Looks yummy and wholesome.

  4. Splitbux dedi ki:

    Been doing keto a while and have pantry of all these type ingredients so I made these this morning and these are closest thing from what I remember an actual pancake taste. No eggy taste at all. The gluten really helped give it that flour taste. Amazing.

  5. Y_U_Z_O_E dedi ki:

    I miss pancakes so much. Thank you for this

  6. ctcarp907 dedi ki:

    Am I missing what the topping is?

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