[Request] How to get Chaffles thick and Fluffy??

I’ve been trying all sorts of ways to get my chaffles thick and fluffy like those seen on keto recipe websites – example [here] (https://www.themerchantbaker.com/four-basic-chaffle-recipes/) – but no matter what I try, mine always turn out like thin crepes

I’ve tried using more cheese…using less cheese etc – the only thing I haven’t done is used stuff like almond flour etc

I don’t have access to a dash waffle maker and the one I use is a larger sized one (about 20santimetre in diameter) – does the size of the waffle maker have any thing to do with the ability to make the chaffle thicker?

Am i missing a certain component/step? Should I add water? Its really driving me up the wall – ideally I’d like to make them thick enough to be like burger buns but at the moment they’re barely passable as pizza base

thanks in advance for any advice!!

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    Baking powder. If you want them thick, use baking powder.

    1 egg

    1/2 c cheese

    1 teaspoon baking powder

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