Reuben on a “Rye” Chaffle

Reuben on a “Rye” Chaffle

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  2. refiase dedi ki:

    Repost bc I’m a rule breaker!

    How to assemble a Reuben:
    – Pastrami
    – Swiss Cheese
    – Russian Dressing
    – Sauerkraut
    – Rye Chaffle

    **Russian Dressing:** Mix 3tbsp of mayonnaise with 2tbsp of ketchup. Add 1tbsp of dill relish, hot sauce and worcestshire to taste.

    **Rye Chaffle:** Mix 2 egg whites, 2tbsp almond flour, 2tbsp shredded mozzarella, pinch of salt and a pinch of baking soda (that’s the Perfect Chaffle recipe, but use your fave). Add 2tsp of caraway seeds. Pour batter into your waffle iron and cook per your appliance instructions.

    [Link]( to recipe source. Note the chaffle recipe is different, I found the included one to be too eggy. Also, don’t forget to check ingredients for added sugar!

  3. Spell_Chick dedi ki:

    I love everything about this! Caraway seed chaffle? Yes please!

  4. gold13 dedi ki:

    Looks like a Claussen pickle – the best

  5. Sod_Off_Shotgun dedi ki:

    Lord have mercy

  6. petit-lapin dedi ki:

    That pickle makes me uncomfortable

  7. jerseygirl527 dedi ki:

    This is my favorite sandwich,I was looking to see if there was any kind of rye extract I could buy, lol. So the seeds do the trick.? I always add almond flour to make chaffles more bread like

  8. Granny_knows_best dedi ki:

    I always wondered what made Rye Rye, there is no Rye seasoning…. going to try this one for sure.

  9. ionp_d dedi ki:

    Now you’ve gone and done it!

    “Rye” chaffle, brilliant!

  10. HumanSockPuppet dedi ki:

    The Reuben is my favourite sandwich. Thanks for posting this.

  11. deadringer28 dedi ki:

    Do the caraway seeds realy make this taste like Rye Bread?

  12. wineandrecords dedi ki:

    Thanks I’m starving.

  13. wormmasterworm dedi ki:

    I was just thinking about a rye Chaffle so I could make a patty melt and this popped up. YES!

  14. havensaved09 dedi ki:

    Omg that looks so freaking good!!! I am so wanting food right now!!!

  15. bakonlover dedi ki:

    Looks great..any total macro info?

  16. blacksriracha dedi ki:

    That looks amazing!

  17. chrislarkby dedi ki:

    Compared to a normal Reuben, fewer carbs but more calories, right?

  18. LauraTFem dedi ki:

    Why bother calling it bread at this point? That’s a pile of meat and spices with some dried cheese on the side. I’d toss the chaffle to the side, wash my hands, and dig in.

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