Reverse Seared Ribeye with Grilled Tomatoes, Bacon Shallot Brussel Sprouts and Sharp Cheddar

Reverse Seared Ribeye with Grilled Tomatoes, Bacon Shallot Brussel Sprouts and Sharp Cheddar

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  2. fxprocess dedi ki:

    This was a *whatever i had in the fridge is going on the grill* kind of night but the flavors turned out incredible.

    Feeds 3 people.

    **Ribeye ingredients:**

    * Salt and pepper or your favorite steak seasoning
    * olive or avocado oil
    * 2-3 Ribeyes

    **Ribeye Directions:**

    1. Take the steak out of the fridge 30min prior to grilling and coat w/ oil on both sides and season it.
    2. We’re gonna reverse sear the steaks so preheat the grill on half heat so it only gets to around 250. Put a probe in it to monitor when the temp reaches about 15 degrees less than what you want the final temp to be. I like mine med rare, around 130 so i pull off around 110-115.
    3. Once you pull them off, put aside on a plate and crank your grill as high as it’ll go. I’ve found 600 degrees to do the trick. Wait a few minutes until it reaches desired heat. A screaming cast iron skill is perfect if you don’t have a grill. Then throw it in there until you hit your desired temp.
    4. Once finished, set on. plate and wrap with foil to let sit for at least 10mins.

    **Brussel sprouts**

    * Brussel sprouts
    * 4 strips of bacon
    * olive oil
    * 1 good sized shallot
    * 2-3 cloves of garlic
    * kosher salt
    * pepper

    **Sprouts Directions**

    1. Wash the sprouts
    2. quarter the brussel sprouts, throw in a bowl
    3. cook the bacon if you haven’t already, then chop it up
    4. Dice the shallot into tiny pieces
    5. in the bowl add the sprouts, bacon, olive oil, shallots, minced garlic, salt and peppa
    6. give it a couple good tosses so everything is coated.
    7. Throw on the grill in a grill basket on medium direct heat OR heat up a skillet or pan and do the same.. either way, they turn out delicious. Here’s how they look: [](
    8. Do this for about 5mins turning every few mins and taste test them until you like em. I usually like a little crisp still but long enough for the bacon to get hot and there to be some good burnt and crispy bits.
    9. Pull off, and set aside in a covered bowl to stay warm.

    **Grilled Tomatoes**

    * 2 handfulls of Grape tomatoes
    * oilive oil
    * salt and pepper
    * stone ground mustard (optional)

    **Directions for tomatoes**

    1. Half the tomatoes
    2. Throw in a mixing bowl
    3. Add the oil, S&P and 2-3 squirts of the mustard. This is optional, i just had it in my fridge and thought it might be good. Gave them a really unique taste, in a good way.
    4. Mix together and toss on the grill at med heat for just a few mins until they have a little give but NOT mushy. Here’s how they looked: [](

    Lastly, find some vintage white extra sharp cheddar in the back of your fridge and cut 2-4 good thick slices for each person. This totally satisfies the craving for carbs for some great reason. I like the black diamond vintage white cheddar from Sam’s Club but Tillamook’s extra sharp white vintage is my favorite if you can get it. (It’s so good, I had a 55lb block of that as my Groom’s cake when I got married.)

    if you time it just right, you can let the steaks sit while prepping the other two veggies so everything stays hot when it’s time to eat.


  3. keg98 dedi ki:

    Your steak looks very good! To other readers – if you decide that you need to sear it on a cast iron skillet in your house, know that it will create a LOT of smoke. A lot. So make sure you have good ventilation. And don’t put oil in the pan – cook it dry. Otherwise, you can start a fire in the pan with a lot of smoke, which can then set off an alarm in the condo complex, and have people staring down the hall toward your unit. So I hear.

  4. OperationalDargon dedi ki:

    Looks great!

  5. matchaobliged dedi ki:

    Beautiful sear!

  6. jmr540 dedi ki:

    TBH, by photo alone, I was sure that was straight up butter as a side dish.

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