ridiculously good keto chocolate chip cookies

ridiculously good keto chocolate chip cookies

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  2. chaotica12 dedi ki:

    These look fabulous! One question: is 1/7 cup right for the coconut flour? If so, how did you measure that out so I can duplicate it?

  3. yungMED dedi ki:

    alright these straight up taste better than most of the non-keto cookies i have eaten and i’m kinda shook rn – modified from binging with babish’s recipe!

    roughly 3 net carbs a cookie if you make 10 cookies with the below.


    * 1 stick unsalted butter
    * 1/2 cup lakanto golden sweetener
    * 2 cold eggs
    * 1/2 tsp maple or vanilla extract (optional)
    * 1 cup almond flour
    * 1/8 cup coconut flour
    * 1 tsp kosher salt
    * 1/4 tsp baking powder
    * 1/4 tsp xanthan gum
    * 1/2 cup lily’s chocolate chips
    * 1/4 cup pine nuts (optional)


    1. brown the butter by heating it on medium heat on a pan for ~5 min til it changes color, pour it into a cup and then refrigerate it for an hour or so until it’s solid again
    2. mix butter and sweetener together
    3. add 2 eggs and extract (optional), mix again
    4. in a separate bowl, combine flours, salt, baking powder, xanthan gum
    5. add dry ingredients to wet ingredients, mix
    6. fold in chocolate chips, stir til just combined
    7. toast pine nuts and stir til just combined (optional)
    8. refrigerate dough for at least an hour
    9. roll into balls, bake at 350f for 12 – 17 minutes
    10. cool, then enjoy!

  4. Bugsy7778 dedi ki:

    I also am wondering if there’s an alternative for Lily’s chocolate- I can’t get it for a decent price here !!

  5. AugustInTexas dedi ki:

    They’re gorgeous!

  6. sandra_nz dedi ki:

    These look delicious, will try them this weekend with some UK-based substitutions!

  7. spittingllama87 dedi ki:

    Anyone else try the recipe and are they good?

  8. LuvLuxe dedi ki:

    Is the xanthan gum necessary?

  9. horitai dedi ki:

    Saved! Can’t wait to try this. Though, do you suggest we use the lakanto sweetener? I only have Swerve..

  10. TakingItOffHereBoss dedi ki:

    I have xylitol (no dogs in the house) and munkfruit sweeteners. Does anyone know if either of these would be a good replacement for the lakanto?

  11. diadack dedi ki:

    Are there any Lily’s chip alternatives? I’m allergic to stevia

  12. srfield1111 dedi ki:

    Omg these look delish

  13. bzacgardner dedi ki:

    I use arrow root instead of xanthum gum.

  14. Brotaoski dedi ki:

    FWIW recipe works just fine with the complete omission of coconut flour. Save yourself the carbs and coconut taste. I really like the way these tasted. Honestly omit the eggs or get pasteurized eggs to get s really tasty raw cookie dough to use for keto ice cream or by itself.

  15. techn0joy dedi ki:

    Thanks! I’m adding here to my To Try list!

  16. juniegrrl dedi ki:

    I made these tonight (without the pine nuts). They were really good! I don’t know why I haven’t tried browning the butter before, but it made a really nicely flavored dough.

    I used a 1 tablespoon sized cookie dough scoop and got 20 cookies from this–could have probably squeezed out another cookie, but I ate some of the dough.

    Also, I thought they would spread more because of the butter, but they didn’t, so I will try flattening them slightly next time. I also didn’t have unsalted butter, and I forgot to cut down the included salt, but it turned out fine.

    Thanks for this recipe–it will be my go-to one now!

  17. rhinaman89 dedi ki:

    Why do you brown the butter beforehand?

  18. SmokeSatanHailDrugs dedi ki:

    Is xantham absolutely necessary? What does it do? And can I use stevia instead? They look absolutely amazing and I cant wait to try them!

  19. bakonlover dedi ki:

    I track calories as well as carbs..do you know the calories in these. Thanks for the recipe.

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