Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

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  2. begging-for-pegging dedi ki:

    Love roasted sprouts!!!! I use a bit of good quality balsamic on mine.

  3. Chelseayute dedi ki:

    16 oz Brussel Sprouts, cut in half.
    Generously coat spouts in olive oil and laid flat side down onto a flat pan.
    Salt and Pepper as desired.
    2-3 slices of of thick cut Bacon, cut into 1 inch pieces,
    lay flat on pan spaced out between the sprouts.
    Roast in the oven 10-15 mins at 425 degrees.

  4. theslimreaper2 dedi ki:

    Up until about 5-6 years ago I refused to eat them because the ones I had were either boiled or steamed and overcooked to the point of being mushy. Then my wife decided to try roasting some for Thanksgiving and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  5. candidly1 dedi ki:

    Toss a little crumbled Gorgonzola or Blue cheese; perfect together!

  6. no_dice_grandma dedi ki:

    Love sprouts this way. If you want to level it up even more, add goat cheese or boursin.

    If you want to go all the way, put a fried egg with a runny yolk on top of all that.

  7. Mycobacterium dedi ki:

    Similar to my go to sprouts, but I go a little fancier:

    Cut up an onion an just drop it on top and among the sprouts before it goes in the oven. When it has about 5 minutes left to cook take a spatula and scoot them all close together. Dump a ton of Monterey Jack on top and finish baking.

  8. Uzasodinson dedi ki:

    What ate the macros on these? I’m under the impression that brussel sprouts were high in carbs. Please tell me I’m wrong.

  9. Lib-Tears-in-my-cup dedi ki:

    Anyone have the actual recipe?

  10. MediaMoguls dedi ki:

    All day every day

  11. dreadpiraterose dedi ki:

    Now just top it with a Sriracha aoli and you’re golden.

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