Salty Wasabi Egg Drop Soup

Salty Wasabi Egg Drop Soup

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  2. gasparillatea dedi ki:

    Egg drop soup might normally be a side dish, but if you’re sick of scrambled or fried eggs and want something high-protein and high-sodium you can whip up quickly, I’d definitely recommend egg drop soup. There are a million and one recipes out there; this one is mine.


    -1 1/3 cup chicken broth (not reduced sodium)

    -2 eggs, beaten until homogenous

    -Wasabi powder or paste to taste (I also use 2 tsp wasabi furikake)

    -Soy sauce, black pepper & salt to taste

    -1 tsp turmeric

    -1 tsp light yellow miso paste, available at most Asian groceries

    Heat all ingredients except eggs on medium high heat until it reaches a simmer. Slowly stream in eggs; they will quickly turn white. Remove from heat. The eggs will be cooked through by the time it’s cooled to edible temperature.

    I would also recommend trying other broths such as dashi or beef stock; or adding a hot sauce of your choice.

  3. RS_Games dedi ki:

    Maybe I am not aware, but do I want high sodium in keto? I know electrolytes, but not high sodium in general.

  4. Buckshart dedi ki:

    That looks incredible.

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