Savory pancakes with hollandaise and avocado

Savory pancakes with hollandaise and avocado

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  1. colindean dedi ki:

    We made this for a wonderfully stereotyped millennial brunch! The hollandaise sauce really helps with the dryness of the almond flour.

    ## Pancakes

    * 5 T almond flour
    * 2 t baking power
    * 2 oz cream cheese, softened
    * 2 oz shredded cheddar cheese – we used [a marble from the New Wilmington Cheese house](
    * 4 large eggs
    * green onions to taste and color. I sliced up about five of them.

    Mix all these well, probably using a hand mixer. The consistency will be layered: the top will be pretty liquidy while the bottom will be thicker. As long as you scoop from the bottom, you’ll be fine.

    Throw down on your griddle or pan some **Amish herb butter** with chives and minced garlic in it, or add perhaps about 1 T of each to the pancake mix. I get my herb butter from Wholey’s in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. ‘Sup, yinz.

    Scoop out some mix 1/4 cup at a time and put it on the hot melted butter. At this point, pancake-making becomes more of an art than a science, so look for bubbling edges or just flip after a few minutes and hope that it’s neither too liquid or too burnt!

    ## Toppings

    * Avocado, quartered and chunked
    * Tomato, cut into chunks
    * Leftover shredded cheese
    * Leftover green onions
    * Hollandaise sauce – go find a recipe, but if you need a kick in a direction, it’s about 8 oz butter and 3 egg yolks for the typical ratio. We made about two-thirds of that. Melt butter on medium-low or low and gently stir in egg yolks, stirring until it looks right. Lower the temperature. Salt it and add lemon juice to taste while continuing to stir.

    We put probably another 1 T of Amish herb butter spread on the pancakes while they cooled while others were cooking.

    **DRINK LOTS OF WATER**. This is a very heavy breakfast!

    I’m awful at macros so YMMV. Omit the tomato if you want to lower the carbs more.

  2. I feel like this is in serious need of a runny egg on top!

  3. KEhleyr417 dedi ki:

    Wow that looks amazing. Going to try this next weekend for sure!

  4. epoplive dedi ki:

    Hollandaise is not supposed to look like that, yuck

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