Since being Keto I’ve learned how to properly cook a steak

Since being Keto I’ve learned how to properly cook a steak

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  2. PizzeriaPirate dedi ki:

    What I’m tarnation have you put on top of that steak boy

  3. QueenChula dedi ki:

    1lb Chuckeye steak
    “Button” mushrooms (From Trader Joe’s)
    2 Tbsps of Butter
    2tbsps low sodium Soy sauce
    Onion powder
    Himalayan salt

    Im sorry I don’t “measure” my seasonings. I just lightly cover the meat

    Let the butter melt in a sauce pan with low heat, Season steak with everything except garlic.
    Place seasoned side down in pan
    Let it slowly begin to simmer
    Season the other side with all the same seasonings Add garlic and more soy sauce
    Add Mushrooms and let them simmer in the sauce from the steak, season with a little more salt and pepper.
    Add Feta cheese on top and cover with lid to melt cheese

    Sorry I know I’m terrible at writing recipes but I figured this was too good not to share!

  4. StalkingWilbur dedi ki:

    Yeah, look… I don’t think “properly cook a steak” means what you think it means.

    Look up the reverse sear method. Thank me later.

  5. myownreddit dedi ki:

    slow cooked steak? gross.

    (unless sous vide with a sear at either end)

  6. 10kcash dedi ki:

    Cut it open and prove it..

  7. mattbeau80 dedi ki:

    So true, though I prefer to seer and bake or grill. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. WanamakerGoat dedi ki:

    Wish I could relate lol

  9. Yoko0ono dedi ki:

    Not exactly. Cross post to r/ steak.

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