Smoked Pork Spare Ribs!

Smoked Pork Spare Ribs!

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  2. feen_bean dedi ki:

    I cooked them using a Traeger pellet smoker but the temps and times can be used in an oven without issue.

    **Dry Rub:**

    1/4 cup – Kosher salt

    1.5 Tbsp – Garlic powder

    1 Tbsp – Onion powder

    2 Tbsp – Paprika (use smoked paprika if cooking in an oven)

    3 Tbsp – Chili powder

    2 Tbsp – Black Pepper

    1.5 Tbsp – Cayenne

    1 Tbsp – Ground Thyme

    1 Tbsp – Cumin

    1 tsp – nutmeg

    1 tsp – cinnamon


    Pat ribs dry with paper towel. Then trim to desired size (if necessary).

    Liberally sprinkle with rub (Do not actually rub in). Let sit for 15 mins to allow rub to absorb into meat.

    Cook for 3 hours at 180° F

    Take ribs out and wrap in 2 layers of aluminum foil.

    Cook for an additional 2 hours at 250°F

    Take ribs out and unwrap them. Place them meat side up, slather with sauce. ( There are a few good choices for sugar free sauces.)

    Cook ribs for an aditional 30-45 mins at 250°F to allow sauce to tack up.

    Remove ribs from heat, and let rest for 15-30 mins.

    Cut and enjoy!

  3. Mulletallica dedi ki:

    As a rib aficionado myself, these look just perfect!

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