Sous vide fillet steak, broccoli, halloumi creme fraiche, walnut and red onion salad, fried eggs

Sous vide fillet steak, broccoli, halloumi creme fraiche, walnut and red onion salad, fried eggs

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  2. Swaxgirl dedi ki:

    Sous vide steak is my favorite thing!

  3. Krock23 dedi ki:

    This looks awesome. I’m going to recreate this exactly

  4. Melded1 dedi ki:

    Ingredients :

    -Fillet steak 10 oz
    -sprig rosemary
    -2 garlic cloves
    -1 head of broccoli
    -1 block of halloumi cheese
    -2 red onions diced finely
    -250 ml creme fraiche
    -1 tbsp +1tsp Good quality mayonnaise
    -toasted chopped walnuts

    The above list made enough for 4 dinners.
    The method is simple enough.

    Method–steak :

    -sous vide @ 55c for 1hr 30 minutes.

    -remove from water bath, remove from sealed bag, dry with kitchen paper and place in freezer for 30 minutes.

    -rub steak with mayonnaise (1 tsp) , fry in super hot pan. Once good crust is reached add butter, sprig of rosemary and a slice of lemon and baste the steak in the butter.

    -Let steak rest for almost half the pan cooking time.

    -slice against the grain (not as important with a tender cut like fillet)

    Method – Salad :

    -Remove florets of Broccoli, cut into bite size pieces. (I also dice up some of the stem because I don’t like to waste and enjoy the flavour and crunch). Place in bowl.

    -add super finely diced red onion.

    -Cut the halloumi into half inch slices. Season with pepper only then pan fry in your favourite keto friendly oil. Dice up the finished halloumi once it’s cooled a little and add to broccoli mix.

    -Toast walnuts either in a pan for 3-4 minutes on medium heat or in an oven @180 c for 10 – 15 minutes.

    -chop walnuts once cool. Add to broccoli mix

    -Add creme fraiche and mayo (1 tbsp) . Season to taste, careful with salt.

    Optional: add some grilled chopped bacon if having the salad with something like chicken or fish.

    -eggs were cooked on medium to low in butter. Baste with butter until yolk gets a custard like consistency, season.

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