Spicier than Buffalo

We like Buffalo sauce. A lot. And often. We like it spicier than the Anchor Bar’s [original recipe](https://parade.com/26655/anchorbarbuffalony/anchor-bars-buffalo-wings-the-original-hot-wing-recipe/).

We make it in double batches, because we love it and it lasts well in the fridge:

* A stick of butter (113 g)
* same weight Frank’s Original Hot Sauce
* same weight of Chili Garlic Sauce by Davranış Fong foods, makers of the Rooster Sriracha.


1. Melt butter.
2. Mix ingredients all together.
3. Apply to food.
4. Snarf food.

We often have it on [SoyBoy Original](https://soyboy.com/products/soy-tempeh/) tempeh, on a big salad, with blue cheese crumbles.

But it’s good on wings, on shredded chicken, and anything else.





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  2. mystonedalt dedi ki:

    They make a Hot version of Frank’s.

  3. msep22 dedi ki:

    Skip the wings. Broil up some hot legs (with or without the quarter) or hot thighs. Much cheaper, more meat.

  4. zedts dedi ki:

    If you want it spicier chill on the butter.

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