Spinach Chips! Much better than anticipated

Spinach Chips! Much better than anticipated

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  1. 1xCrystalx1 dedi ki:


    * Spinach Leaves
    * Seasoning of choice
    * Salt and pepper work great, but don’t be afraid to get creative!
    * Oil of choice
    * Olive oil is what I used


    * Oil them bad bois up with a drizzle and toss them in a bowl with seasoning.
    * Spread them evenly in a single layer on a lined baking sheet.
    * Bake at 325 F for about 8-10 min.
    * They won’t look crispy, don’t trust your eyeballs. Touch them if you don’t think they’re done. They should feel crispy on your hand.


    These hold up surprisingly well for dipping, obviously they don’t work for super thick sauce but they’ve worked in things as thick as sour cream for me. Be careful with seasoning! it’s really easy to over season these, go light the first time. Overall they have a surprisingly nice texture and (mostly) like whatever you put on them. a great snack or side dish!

  2. pshbuttoni dedi ki:

    They sure look good. I’ve been wanting to try the light batter-fried spinach they do in Indian restaurants. Yours give me inspiration to go on and do it!

  3. shardoughnnay dedi ki:

    It’s amazing what a different taste this method gives spinach. More complex and kind of nutty. Very addictive which is not a bad thing.

  4. shardoughnnay dedi ki:

    Yeah, boiled spinach is not for everyone. Try braising it briefly in a skillet with a little chicken stock or white wine or both. Just get it wilted. I like to finish it off on my plate with a dash of white vinegar or Tabasco.

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