Stuffed tomatoes! (they taste like pizza :))

Stuffed tomatoes! (they taste like pizza :))

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  2. amy220 dedi ki:

    – Large tomatoes
    – Olive oil
    – Grated mozzerella
    – Bacon (optional)
    – Oregano

    They’re very easy to make, just halve a few tomatoes and pour 1 tsp of olive oil on each half. Stuff them with the cheese and some chopped crispy bacon if you want. Also add salt and some oregano for that pizza flavour. Just put it in an oven at 180°C for about 15 mins and you’re done 🙂

  3. Barks507 dedi ki:

    Do you hollow them out at all?

  4. obsessivefandoms dedi ki:

    What a great idea!!! I want to chop some pepperoni to make them even more pizza-ish!

  5. warmhandswarmheart dedi ki:

    I have done the same using mushroom caps or peppers. I have also made them using cottage cheese and egg as one layer and then meat sauce and and then mozzarella to make keto lasagna.

  6. MadDogMAGA dedi ki:

    It’s even better to do this with hollowed out bell peppers.

  7. YuriTreychenko dedi ki:

    Tomato, cheese,meat…

    Pretty much the pizza without the crust.

    Id demolish these.

  8. orchid_80 dedi ki:

    This sounds WAY better than the store bought cardboard tasting cauliflower crust pizza I just tried to choke down. Got 3/4 of a piece down and just couldn’t do any more.

  9. i_deserve_less dedi ki:

    But a tomato is loaded with natural sugars

  10. hexiron dedi ki:

    Is this the pizza bagel replacement I needed?!

  11. jeonyubi dedi ki:

    Looks like I have meal prep sorted for next week.

  12. Flembot4 dedi ki:

    Genius. No kidding. So simple.

  13. little_miss_perfect dedi ki:

    Thanks, making these today!

  14. cold_bananas_ dedi ki:

    Oooooh I need to try these! Thank you!

  15. AuntieHeeHee dedi ki:

    I will sacrifice all carbs in a day for just one of these!

  16. blumeaniandglove dedi ki:

    If you want to stuff something like pizza try the large mushrooms. You can chop your tomatoes and get them in there.

  17. Exotichaos dedi ki:

    Genius breakfast idea

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