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  1. Zsofia_Valentine dedi ki:

    Just steep the lavender, skip the honey step. Add the lemon and water. Then use stevia drops to sweeten it to taste. I make a gallon of cold brew tea at a time and use 2 droppers (they fill about halfway) for the entire gallon to make a barely sweet tea. I use clear Sweetleaf brand drops.

    Oh if you want that honey flavor, Celestial Seasonings makes a chamomile honey tea, you could throw a couple bags of that in with your lavender.

  2. I’ve actually been meaning to try making a honey substitute with honey extract and swerve, maybe some xantham gum for body. If I get around to it I’ll let you know how/if it works

  3. Aerys1 dedi ki:

    Sugar free honey is available. Check stores around you, or online. Amazon has it, I think netrition and other healthy food stores.

  4. judidoodi dedi ki:

    I’ve been using a good sugar free maple syrup (pancake syrup) in lieu of honey for my hot tea and my honey-garlic-soy sauce fried chicken.

  5. CheeseMakingMom dedi ki:

    I would love to try this, but don’t have a clue what might be a good sub for honey. I don’t do much keto cooking that requires sweetener, so I only have a bag of granulated Pyure (erythritol).

    Any ideas what else might work?

    (Oh, and I was thinking that much honey would make it cloyingly sweet, so even if I were to make it, I’d likely start with about 1/4 cup, and add more if needed.)

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