Sushi Craving Satisfied

Sushi Craving Satisfied

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  2. singlerosetx dedi ki:

    Funny, I thought I would miss all the normal stuff, chips, chocolate etc but it’s actually sushi. That looks good.

  3. sankyu99 dedi ki:

    That looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gatekeeper31 dedi ki:

    This is a good idea. Never thought to just take Nori and assemble it without trying to roll it.

    I may try this without the cauliflower rice because it tastes like hot farts to me. I would probably go with sushi-grade salmon and just not cook it. But this still looks bomb.

  5. bdog1321 dedi ki:

    looks awesome

    psa too: wegmans is now making “skinny” rolls without rice, wrapped in nori

  6. sfldg dedi ki:

    Most places I go make me cucumber rolls

  7. ashotofcynisism dedi ki:

    Okay, yum!! Adding this to my menu for next week! Did you buy the spicy mayo or make your own?

  8. vk2sky dedi ki:

    Slices of avocado served with soy sauce and wasabi make a simple tasty veg*-friendly “sashimi”.

  9. Mik3_Mutilator dedi ki:

    I can’t kick the sushi craving. So I still go once a month instead of once a week. I make sure I cut all sweet/eel sauces that I can and do more nigiri than long rolls to cut down on some rice. I applaud your efforts!

  10. TensOaken dedi ki:

    Have I introduced to our lord and saviour the temaki cone? All the goodness of sushi with less frustrating rolling.

  11. omglol9312 dedi ki:

    Uh yum. Wow looks so good.

  12. CourageousLight dedi ki:

    This looks fantastic! Thanks for posting the recipe!

  13. Von_Quixote dedi ki:

    Ooooh! Thanks Norway.

  14. ShaughnDBL dedi ki:

    I thought soy was verboten

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