Taco Casserole – Keto Style

Taco Casserole – Keto Style

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  2. Debinthestix dedi ki:

    2 lbs ground sirloin 93%
    1 package marketside fresh chopped cauliflower
    1 can hunts petite diced tomatoes (drained)
    8 T.natural salsa
    4 T. Homemade keto taco seasoning
    8 oz. cream cheese
    2 cups Sargento Mexican Cheese
    3 green onion stalks

    Fry burger, add taco seasoning. Spread out in 13×9 pan.
    Chunk up cream cheese and put on top of taco meat. Salsa over that then spread the cauliflower over all. Next layer is the tomatoes and last the mexican cheese. Sprinkle green onions over that and bake for 30 minutes at 350.

    Garnished with Sour Cream and Black Olives, served over Shredded Iceberg lettuce.

    This is a recipe I came up with to feed my taco craving!

  3. Debinthestix dedi ki:

    Whoops, forgot the most important info – 8 servings.
    413 calories per serving
    12.1g Carbs
    27.4 Fat
    31.9 Protein

    These amounts do not include the lettuce, sour cream, or olives but all together it was 513 calories and a generous portion!

    Didn’t do net carbs so, probably less carbs.

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