Thought my Starbucks store should feature a great keto friendly drink so I made a sign. (I’m not Jerry)

Thought my Starbucks store should feature a great keto friendly drink so I made a sign. (I’m not Jerry)

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  2. littlemissemperor dedi ki:

    In my mind this is named after Jerry Gergich.

  3. Golden_Ruled dedi ki:

    Just FYI, the sugar free vanilla at Starbucks is loaded with maltodextrin which has a higher glycemic index than sugar and is NOT good for keto.

    You could still do their sugar-free cinnamon dolche which is sweetened with liquid Splenda.

  4. FreelancerTex_ dedi ki:

    Super OT, but if you wipe down the board with alcohol or windex even, the old messages will come off!

  5. kzupan dedi ki:

    I was a sign artist at Whole Foods- not sure what your boards are made of but windex and a magic eraser do a really good job at getting rid of the “old” chalk art!

  6. ghf3 dedi ki:

    Wow! My name IS Jerry and I “discovered” the exact same drink at Starbucks not more than 2 weeks ago! I have nothing to do with that sign though! 🙂

  7. melxgo dedi ki:

    Agree with the comments regarding sweeteners being worse than sugar. If no ones mentioned already, I highly recommend The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung. A brilliantly eye-opening read!

  8. caro_8675 dedi ki:

    Any other keto friendly keto Starbucks?
    I miss my miachiatos so much.

  9. CherryMavrik dedi ki:

    Fuuuuuuck they sound so good!!! Getting one today!!! Thank you!

  10. TERPINGTON dedi ki:


  11. therandar dedi ki:

    This post should probably be removed as top poster mentioned the sugar free vanilla isn’t keto friendly.

  12. blakchat dedi ki:

    I’m thinking Jerry from Rick and Morty

  13. 773-630-815 dedi ki:

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. WTFisaRobsterCraw dedi ki:

    Fuck Starbucks

  15. spaceoddity71 dedi ki:

    What is cold foam?

  16. PhazePyre dedi ki:

    Any good no coffee/tea drinks? I’m a hot chocolate/frap guy and miss that kind of stuff.

    Is it possible to get a vanilla bean frap that’s relatively keto friendly? Ie no frap base?

  17. noomehtrevo dedi ki:

    Are the cold foams k-friendly? Been afraid to try.

  18. nacho_balls dedi ki:

    Is the cold foam even keto friendly? I have been avoiding it kus I find mixed information on it.

  19. Zombi-sexual dedi ki:

    Is sugar free stuff at Starbucks a new thing or regional? My town only has 1 and their menu doesnt have sugar free and when I asked it was a super no. That was maybe 2 years ago.

  20. dearDem dedi ki:

    I did this at my store too!

    Then the cranky, sensitive nurses (I work at a hospital) complained about us “halfway” promoting keto and we had to take it down

  21. stratego2hell dedi ki:

    Until today i didnt believe i could have any fun drinks from starbucks. Thank you so much!!!

  22. Koshka69 dedi ki:

    I can’t focus on anything except the poorly erased writing in the back

    r/mildlyinfuriating with you!

  23. idlno1 dedi ki:

    I always did the grande cold brew, x2 stevia and extra heavy cream. It was yum! I try not to have it much though unless I need some coffee.

  24. cooties4u dedi ki:

    I love this, usually get a cold brew with heavy whipping cream. Not big on sweeteners for my coffee yuck

  25. thanksgive dedi ki:

    “Sugar free cold brew” isn’t all cold brew sugar free until you pour sugar into it?

  26. punintensions dedi ki:

    I like that I can see an entire weeks wort of signs here

  27. Rowe_boat dedi ki:

    Just do black coffee…

  28. fallingstars727 dedi ki:

    Eww…. Not following a keto diet, but I just get an Americano with cream and a Splenda. Does the job just fine. This sounds grossly over sweet.

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