Threw together my own chicken pizza crust!

Threw together my own chicken pizza crust!

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  2. bodhi30 dedi ki:

    15 oz can of chicken
    Black pepper/onion powder to taste
    1 egg
    1/4 cup Italian shredded cheese
    (I meant to order Parmesan but accidentally ordered the Italian cheese mix)
    Rao’s sauce (barely used 1/4 cup)
    Thinly sliced fresh jalapeños

    Chicken, egg and cheese in my KitchenAid. Mix with paddle mixer until fine.

    Put half of it in between two parchment papers. Used one of my kids’ plastic Star Wars plate to squish down to desired thickness. Recipe won’t work unless it’s a plastic star wars kids plate from Walmart.

    Baked on parchment paper at 400 degrees for 10 mins. Let sit to cool in microwave so doggie can’t get to it. Then watched sports. Also very important step.

    Topped with desired toppings and popped back into the oven for 10 mins but husband broiled it on high for the last two mins.

    He also put his in the frying pan with spray on vegetable oil on medium high heat and crisped it for two minutes to get the really authentic pizza crust feel. Mine wasn’t much different even without the last step. He was so happy. The one thing he misses the most and goes for on cheat days is pizza. I can live without it because I’m a New Yorker so if it isn’t a NYC slice, I don’t care. We live far from NYC now. The husband is quite happy which makes me ecstatic.

    I also loved it.

    Very proud tonight!

  3. scoathy dedi ki:

    I still haven’t tried a chicken crust pizza. I need to do this soon 🙂

  4. Drjjr dedi ki:

    Now I have to go to Walmart and buy a plate.

  5. SamanthaJaneyCake dedi ki:

    That’s an interesting way to make pizza, I’ll be honest! I’m used to the *roll out ball into a circle, pinch the crust together, pre-bake 10 min, top and bake more* method.

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