Tuna salad is on the breakfast menu

Tuna salad is on the breakfast menu

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  2. Maynaise88 dedi ki:

    For the [tuna salad](https://imgur.com/a/lzhdh1n) which is hidden under the egg:

    4oz albacore—I use the one in the water despite being advised to buy the oiled one

    1 hard-boiled egg

    2 tbsp dill relish

    1 tsp yellow mustard

    1 tbsp mayo

    1/4 chopped yellow onion

    Salt and pepper

    For the eggs:

    I just cooked 2 eggs over-medium in 1 tbsp, seasoned, and melted a 10g slice of swiss over the top

    Made a bed of baby greens, then added about half of the tuna salad, placed the eggs on top and that was it

  3. ms_zori dedi ki:

    Very hearty meal! I would have this for dinner too with maybe some chopped jalapenos in tuna for some heat. I prefer albacore in water as well.

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