Vanilla shortcake cookie

Vanilla shortcake cookie

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  2. mannychan408 dedi ki:

    2 cups of almond flour

    9 tbsp Butter

    1 cup Swerve

    1 large Egg

    1 tbsp Vanilla

    Stir till incorporated

    Preheat oven at 300°

    Place in a tray as a ball

    Place in oven for 5 minutes and remove

    Flatten down the balls so it’s in a shape of a cookie

    Place back into the oven for 15-35 minutes (till edges are golden brown

  3. Chevy3Girl dedi ki:

    I’m baking some right now! They’re in the oven. Just flattened them out. I’m so excited. Lol. I added some dark choc chips to a few just to see.
    I had bought my hubby some frosted sugar cookies because he loves sweets just like I do. But, I can’t have any because I’m doing keto. So, I’m super excited right now.

  4. S_Sdeals dedi ki:

    I’m trying this today!

  5. On_Couch_In_Brisbane dedi ki:

    What’s swerve?

  6. myownreddit dedi ki:

    whats on your ceiling?

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