Very fatty RoastBeef

Very fatty RoastBeef

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  2. mystonedalt dedi ki:

    That looks nice! Perfectly cooked, well-rested, juicy.

  3. BeyondEarthly dedi ki:

    The cloves look like larvae. -.-

  4. eckhaus dedi ki:

    Recipe from my amazing

    Serloin meat

    get it to room temp,

    smear dijon musterd and 100% date honey, put dry rosmary on top ,

    poke holes and put full garlic cloves right inside,

    put on an oven net ( means just put it inside)
    with the fat part on top,

    she reccomends putting a baking pan underneath for the fat ,

    15-20 min on 250c after that to 160-170c

    The whole roasting plus cooking is 25 min per kilo, if you cook 2 kilos you add 30min to the initial 20 min 2×25=50 for example 🙂 thats it

  5. byfiend dedi ki:

    I couldn’t even finish my chipotle bowl 10 minutes ago but I could totally slap that whole roast rn

  6. Rubywulf2 dedi ki:

    I need your recipe so I can be better at making roasts

  7. sungod23 dedi ki:

    for a second I thought this post was a rather vulgar pornhub movie title.

  8. publius247 dedi ki:

    Ummm this kinda looks NSFW at the first glance

  9. scraggledog dedi ki:

    Hope you have horseradish

  10. Superagent247 dedi ki:

    Ohhhhhhhh man……!

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