Wanted to share my frozen/microwave meal prep hack! Cheesy broccoli meatballs

Wanted to share my frozen/microwave meal prep hack! Cheesy broccoli meatballs

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  2. kuichyu dedi ki:

    This is a ridiculously easy take to school/work kind of lunch I’ve been packing for myself in a rush.

    – fully cooked frozen meatballs
    – finely chopped broccoli
    – cheese of your choice
    – (optional) salt and pepper, but I find the meatballs and cheese are usually seasoned enough. Depends on what you buy

    The frozen meatballs should be pre cooked so they will microwave in about two minutes. They keep the food cold on your commute too. When they cook the ice melts and some fat is released to help cook the broccoli. The broccoli will still end up crunchy, but not entirely raw. It’s the perfect 1-pot microwave arrangement!

  3. cmdr1337 dedi ki:

    this is way too complicated!

    LOL j/k thank you :>

  4. Im_Not_Daredevil dedi ki:

    Last time I microwaved brocolli at work, it was a disaster. Everyone complained about the smell and I felt like a douche.

  5. discomrobulated dedi ki:

    My problem with commercial frozen meatballs is they tend to use breadcrumbs and thus the carbs are high. Do you guys use a specific brand or make your own and freeze?

  6. jaggs dedi ki:

    It would probably work nicely with cauliflower and cheese with the meatballs too?

  7. Lukepostmates dedi ki:

    Might have to try this. Kirkland (Costco) has a huge bag of frozen meatballs and individually frozen 1lb microwaveable broccoli florets.

  8. AvonBarksdaleCalling dedi ki:

    Omg yum!

    I do a frozen meatball “hack” with ricotta and rao’s tomato sauce but am going to have to branch out and try yours.

  9. ASpeedyRecovery dedi ki:

    Where’s the money shot?

  10. modernboy1974 dedi ki:

    This is a great idea, but microwaving broccoli at the office is a big no.

  11. veryverisimilar dedi ki:

    Definitely stealing this idea! Quick question, What kind of bowls are you using?

  12. mark_cee dedi ki:

    I can smell the farts already

  13. SlamminSami dedi ki:

    Fresh brocolli or frozen?

  14. millerpmiller dedi ki:

    Love it! This is exactly the type of easy meal I’m looking to whip up. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Land_Beast dedi ki:

    Can I get an after picture?

  16. Corbin_Krueger dedi ki:

    That looks actually pretty good and simple, I’ll have to give it a try. Is the broccoli frozen too?

  17. beardgangwhat dedi ki:

    Everyone comments no one upvotes

    Edit unless I’m an idiot and it’s just new post so I don’t see them yet

  18. TaimaAdventurer dedi ki:

    Omg this is perfect for my Costco run in ten mins!!

  19. MyMae92 dedi ki:

    Now I know what I’m gonna pack for lunch tomorrow!

  20. tonboyy dedi ki:

    We got more of this, i work in security and have changing times.

    These are a great out.

  21. clothingtag_store dedi ki:

    looks awesome, I recently purchased foldable cutting board, it is amazing for meal prep

  22. RedCapKid dedi ki:

    Thank you for this.

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