Was told to post my cauliflower mac and cheese here!

Was told to post my cauliflower mac and cheese here!

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  2. klayface94 dedi ki:

    Cook 3-5 strips of bacon, drain, and dice

    Boil a whole cut up cauliflower


    In a separate pot melt 4 oz of cream cheese and a little heavy cream

    Season with salt, pepper, paprika, and cayenne

    Add cauliflower to pot and mix

    Add in 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese and bacon

    Season to taste (I added tajin for an extra acidic spice)


  3. Sarrell dedi ki:

    The issue I run into with cauliflower Mac and cheese is the cauliflower releasing a ton of moisture into the sauce. I also bake mine, topped with some extra cheese so maybe that’s the cause? Anyone else have this problem?

  4. beccabuysahouse dedi ki:

    Saw this last night, took a picture of the ingredients so I can head to the store tonight lol

  5. BaXeD22 dedi ki:

    How large or small do you cut the Cauliflower?

    Also, a keto recipe that doesn’t use almond flour/milk? Sign me up, this looks great!

    (I have a nut allergy so some of the recipes on here, as good as they look, are non-starters)

  6. AAROD121 dedi ki:

    I made this tonight and added a pinch of curry and two punches of garlic salt. Family approved 10/10

  7. Squeezesnacker dedi ki:

    Mmmmmm. That looks doable and delish. Thanks!

  8. Daala2k dedi ki:

    Looks good, gonna try it tonight.

  9. kiimothy dedi ki:

    I am 100% trying this today. Thank you!!!

  10. Fuckyou62 dedi ki:

    Do you think adding tuna would taste good and help with the protein?

  11. GeeGeeBaby dedi ki:

    Ok but I SWEAR I see actual macaroni in here

  12. Monumental-Mistake dedi ki:

    That looks so good. I know what I’m having for dinner tonight.

    Do you use fresh cauliflower or frozen?

    I’m not the best at cooking fresh vegetables.

  13. MamaBear4485 dedi ki:

    I always chuckle when I see variants of this dish posted as “mac an cheese” Cauliflower cheese is a thing, and that’s what this is. My old English-born Mum used to make it frequently.

    Looks absolutely delectable by the way, and the way you got it to glisten like that in the picture is impressive!

  14. kaett dedi ki:

    oh this looks amazing. my husband loves raw cauliflower but utterly hates the taste of it cooked. the only way i’ve been able to use it as a rice/pasta replacement is if i make sure it’s heavily seasoned and sauced.

    does this have enough cheese oompf to get past the cooked-cauliflower taste? or is the bacon doing double duty in that regard?

  15. bullanguero82 dedi ki:

    I think I am getting back into the cauliflower game. Thanks for this.

  16. bacobacon dedi ki:

    Omg this looks amazing, thank you. So you just used a regular old cauliflower and cut it up yourself?!

  17. pm_me_ur_river_otter dedi ki:

    oh boy do i want to try adding some ground beef to this

    does anyone know about how many cups 1 whole cauli riced comes out to?

  18. ChrislyX dedi ki:

    lol…I just ate that, then came here and saw your post. 🙂
    By the way, I sometimes add some ground beef.

  19. Vlaak dedi ki:

    I love keto but the hardest thing is that I hate cream cheese and butter. It’s such a drag when I see things like this which look so delicious. Damn I wish I could eat cream cheese especially.

  20. datacat dedi ki:

    Just made this but with leek and mustard. It’s fokin noice!

  21. Toredano dedi ki:

    I love you….thank you for this.My husband eats regular Mac and cheese..I cant eat any( diabetic) so this is just as good as his.

  22. asclabassi dedi ki:

    That looks amazing. Going to try for sure!

  23. Bobwiley406 dedi ki:

    I have been thinking about making just this thing recently, thanks for the inspiration!

  24. epiami dedi ki:

    Looks delicious! Whats the macros?

  25. leenphotog dedi ki:

    I want to bury my face in this.

  26. Arightfunthingy dedi ki:

    I made this tonight and completely underestimated how good this would be. Oh my CHEESE LORD.

    Thank you!!

  27. HappyOne8 dedi ki:

    This looks so good it makes me want to eat cauliflower!

  28. athomesuperstar dedi ki:

    I’m not a keto fanatic, but I do eat a lot of it… but I have to say, the one thing that drives me nuts about keto are the recipes that call a dish something that it’s not. Why can’t we just call this cauliflower and cheese?

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