Would the ground beef cook throughly this way?


I want to try something, a different way of cooking ground beef instead of the usual way on the fry/skillet.

If I get a pie plate, grease it with butter or any oil, and then take the raw ground beef (1lb) and cover the plate, like its a cheesecake crust. On average/estimated wait time on how long will this cook thoroughly?

Sometimes I put sausages on a plate and then cook it in the oven and it gets these burnt stuck on the plate which I want to avoid. so I think I can avoid this by putting the sausages over the raw beef and heating it in the oven. I also want the ground beef to absorb the grease when the sausages are being cooked too.

Here’s a picture I created in 1 minute using paint. It’s a pie plate with raw ground beef pressed into the plate. Then added the sausages over the ground beef. I will cook this in the oven at 350f or whatever temp works in a timely manner. Will the beef cook thoroughly without having to saute or moving it. I would also just cook the ground beef half way through, then pop it in the oven and throw the sausages in there but then I’d have to clean the skillet afterwards which I do not look forward to doing.

Here is what I’m hoping that the raw ground beef & sausages end up if work successfully.
Notice in this picture below, I actually sauteed the beef on a skillet and then the sausages and then threw it onto a pie plate. This took so much work which is why I’m making this post to see if both will cook thoroughly in the oven.


I am hoping for some insight on this method of cooking. I know that I’m a inexperienced chef / cook and I can only make basic foods/meals like omelets, egg casseroles, and etc.

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  2. nutritionacc dedi ki:

    Bro I’m ketogenic too but who hurt you, seriously. This is beyond desperate man, if it pains you this much not to eat things with wheat crust maybe you should just stop trying to emulate them.

  3. miicah dedi ki:

    What is the purpose of the pie plate? What dish is this trying to emulate or create?

    I’m just struggling to get my head around why you need ground beef and sausages? I would do this:

    Cook the sausages first in the skillet, to get all the nice fat/juices out. Take them out to cool and throw the ground beef in. Then add a bit of chicken/vege stock to get all the nice brown bits off the bottom and to make a sauce. Slice the sausages and add back in. Pair with some slaw and ~~mashed potato.~~ (not keto I think?)

    >but then I’d have to clean the skillet afterwards which I do not look forward to doing.

    If you want to cook, you gotta do dishes, it’s that simple 🙂

  4. BaleWire dedi ki:

    Why not cook the sausages on a non stick tin, or use a little oil to keep it from sticking?

  5. italianblend dedi ki:

    I make sausage pizza this way. I cook the ground sausage mixed with an egg and some cheese and flatten it and bake it, then add toppings and broil. If you want the beef to hold its shape you would need to mix it with something.

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