Yummy Almond-Garlic-Basil Pesto!

Yummy Almond-Garlic-Basil Pesto!

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    2  cups fresh basil leaves (no stems)

    2  tablespoons dry almonds

    2  large cloves garlic

    ½  cup extra-virgin olive oil

    ½  cup freshly grated parmesan cheese 

    Salt to your taste


    1) The parmesan cheese is optional, if you plan to use the sauce with a dish that includes cheese you can ignore adding the cheese.

    2) Alternatively,  you can substitute the cheese for other type that you like.

    3) With 1 tbsp of salt and if you make this 10 servings, they are 135 calories each with: Total Fat: 13.6 g (saturated fat: 2.9 g), Cholesterol 6 mg, Sodium 329 mg, Total Carbohydrate 0.5 g, Protein 2.7 g.

    Instructions: Mix all ingredients in a food processor. Enjoy!

    Usage: This pesto sauce can be used in a multiple types of dishes according to your taste/needs. 

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    Ummm why you changed the recipe, the original one is still keto?

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