Zucchini Frittata with Cheese

Zucchini Frittata with Cheese

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  2. JosephGrand01 dedi ki:


    **Ingredients (Net Carbs: 2.5 Grams)**


    -100 grams of shredded zucchini (medium not small shredding)

    -2 eggs

    – a small splash of coconut milk (around 2 Tablespoons)

    – salt & pepper




    – Mix all ingredients well in a bowl ( ensuring uniform color, i dont like when the eggs are part white part yellow)

    – Heat pan, then add Grease to the pan after it is warm enough ( I like to use butter/ghee).

    – pour mix into the pan.

    – Cover the pan and let cook for 2 -3 minutes

    -when it is held together well (no longer liquid): you need to flip. but it is too thick to flip . What i do is: I transfer it to a plate. then grease the pan again, then flip the plate throwing the frittata back into the pan . If you can flip more easily do it but i do recommending greasing the pan before flipping.

    – continue cooking uncovered (so it doesn’t get too soggy) and meanwhile you can add ingredients of your choice (i added cheese). I like it crispy so i leave it on for a few minutes.


    Additional notes: I like it crispy as mentioned so try not adding too much cheese it makes it soggy.

    Also, i like adding more salt in the end

  3. serculis dedi ki:

    I do this with egg muffins and it comes out great. Just use a potato peeler to get peelings from a zucchini, line up the shreddings and cut them into smaller pieces, mix into the egg mixture, add seasoning, viola!

  4. blueblob11 dedi ki:

    Looks like it would work great as a pizza crust!

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